Eating healthy can be....

✓ Overwhelming: with the crazy amount of information out there.

✓ A time-suck: you can spend countless hours preparing super complicated dishes.

✓ Discouraging: when after weeks of trying hard there are still no noticeable results.

✓ Expensive: when everything that's healthy costs twice as much as the unhealthy foods.

OR, maybe there is an easier way.....

The 6-Week Clean Eating Program is a complete and thorough online omnivore meal plan that specializes in clean eating cooking skills, and meal prepping.

It offers practical, everyday clean eating recipes and meal prepping hacks. The meal plan is geared toward avoiding food waste while still maintaining a lot of variety in a delicious but simple way. The plan is also calculated to fit into the AMDR* and a healthy calorie intake. 

The goal is to help you reach a healthy weight in a healthy way without going crazy in the process.

Learn how to eat to feel amazing and not spend your days starving and day-dreaming about food. Learn to eat healthy but delicious at the same time! Believe it or not, this IS possible!

*"The AMDR is a range of intake for a particular energy source (protein, fat, or carbohydrate), that is associated with reduced risk of chronic disease while providing adequate intakes of essential nutrients." (source)
HOW does it all work?!? This video explains it all...

Who is this program for?

People who want to

✓ feel energized in just a few weeks

✓ be proud of themselves for taking control of their own and their family's health

✓ lose weight in a healthy way

✓ learn to cook healthy food without sacrificing flavor

✓ feel comfortable and confident with their body

✓ gain a healthy relationship with food

✓ YOU!

Your health and that of your family is not only a priority but an investment that pays off every single day!
This is why I created this Mastery Program!

Where you get a step-by-step program to help you achieve your goals faster, more efficiently, and without breaking the bank in the process.

What Do You Get In This Program?

A 6-Week Meal Plan calculated to fit into the AMDR and a healthy calorie intake that has been planned out to avoid food waste and achieve and maintain a healthy weight. (Worth $150)

A macro-nutrient information chart showing daily intake by following the plan. (Worth $50)

49 delicious recipes chock full of vegetables with printable recipe cards that include nutritional information per serving. (Worth $49)

12 printable grocery lists with checkboxes, organized by food type. (Worth $30)

42+ professionally filmed and edited cooking demonstrations for each day of the 6-week program. (Worth $250)

Hands-on tips, tricks, and hacks throughout the cooking demonstrations about meal prepping, meal planning, and clean eating. (Worth $20)

TOTAL WORTH: $599 FOR ONLY $249!!! 

What sets this program apart?

✓ 49 Healthy Recipes calculated for maximum nutritional benefits! Perfectly balanced recipes that include plenty of protein, and healthy amounts of carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Never fall off the clean eating bandwagon ever again because of food boredom! 

✓ The program is designed to avoid food waste making sure recipes complement each other to finish up that bunch of celery, and not only 2 stalks. This saves a ton of money and the environment!

✓ Time-saving in the kitchen is a top priority in the 6-Week Clean Eating Mastery Program. You learn tips and tricks on how to save time in the kitchen by batch cooking and meal prepping. After the 6 weeks, you will be equipped with all information to apply the strategies for the rest of your life! 

Tune in from anywhere in the world and start the program whichever week-day that suits your lifestyle best.

Hear it in the words of others:

“l'm spending less time in the kitchen because you’ve figured it all out. Shopping lists, and nutritionally sound plan that I’m not spending any time thinking about. I’d spend hours every week trying to figure out what to feed the fam, making the list, shopping, and then prepare and clean up. The cues to chop veggies for multiple meals, freeze, thaw, and when to shop cuts a lot of time. I’d rather spend that time playing with my granddaughter. The recipes are not complicated but VERY delicious. No food waste because you’ve planned it that way. That’s a biggie for me.
You’ve turned me into an Instant Pot pro which is a huge time saver.
You’ve taught me some kitchen skills too.
I love to cook, I want to put healthy food in my body and I am a lover of organization.
During this quarantine my friends are complaining of gaining weight, I’ve lost weight and mentally and emotionally feel great. I’m off BP meds. My labs, including HgbA1C which measures average blood glucose over a 3 month period is 5.7 which is now normal !!! This is the year of self-care and self-love and whatever time I spend preparing food for myself and my family is just that.
Thank you Lorena for what you do, it has changed my life
PS I feel so wonderful not using fast food lanes and premade food and then feeling physically ill and guilty. Those days are gone !!!!"


Thank you, Lorena, for putting out this program, perfectly timed to start the new year after (over)indulging over the Christmas holidays. Such a daunting and time-consuming and therefore intimidating goal for a pig like me to eat healthy EVERY DAY... but with all the recipes lined up for all the days, all three meals every day, I couldn’t even find an excuse not to participate! Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious and best of all, your recipes are delicious... not just very good, but out of the ordinary great. For anyone that LOVES good food, there is just no more reason to eat any other way than healthy and clean when it’s this yummy. For sure, I am just going to continue throughout the year even though it is a lot of work to plan and prepare all the meals each week. Not only have I lost the few extra pounds I gained over the holidays, but I am also saving quite a lot by not eating out. The best and most amazing part for me is that I don’t crave desserts anymore. It’s huge for me to come to this point, as I have been absolutely addicted to desserts and sweets ALL my life. I don’t even feel like I’m depriving myself right now. I know that eventually, I will go back to having desserts, but only occasionally and/or in special celebrations. This, coming from someone who could eat only desserts every day, three meals a day, if I could be healthy this way.... never imagined this could be possible!

Meet The Founder:

Hi! I'm Lorena Grater and thank you so much for showing interest in my 6-Week Clean Eating Mastery Program.

I am the recipe developer and founder of Green Healthy Cooking and have been developing healthy clean eating recipes for the business since 2015.

What began as a hobby blog where I shared recipes with friends and family quickly grew into an incredible platform and business that now serves a community of roughly 1 million people.

If you are interested in finding out even more about me head on over to my looooong about page on my website :)

Frequently asked questions
  • What if I'm not good at cooking?
    The program includes video-based cooking demonstrations for every single recipe. Even if you have zero cooking skills you can simply follow the video tutorials and gain a massive amount of experience over the 6-week period, that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
  • Is this program gluten-free and/or dairy-free?
    The program is not gluten or dairy-free by default BUT can very easily be transformed. Only very few gluten and dairy-containing ingredients are used throughout the program and they can all be easily replaced. A document with substitution ideas is available in the program but you can also always e-mail me with your specific dietary substitution needs.
  • Can I make this program vegetarian?
    No. Many recipes contain meat and the meal plan's nutritional calculation is based on the animal protein's low carbohydrate content. By replacing all animal protein with vegetarian and vegan protein options the nutritional balance of the meals and meal plan can not be achieved.
  • What if I don't like the recipes?
    Millions of people have given me extremely positive feedback on the flavors of my recipes but of course, not everybodys' taste buds are the same. You have 7 days to request a refund and leave the program.
  • How many calories a day is the program built on?
    The program is based on a 1,800 daily calorie intake, can however very easily be adapted to be reduced to up to 1,450 calories or increased to a much higher amount if needed depending on your personal needs. The program includes a calorie calculator where you can enter your individual information and find out what your personal needs are.
  • For how many people is this program designed for?
    The grocery lists and recipes are designed for ONE person so it's easy to multiply by 2, 3, 4, or however many family members want to participate in the program together at the same time.
  • How long do I get access to the program?
    Once you complete your order you get instant lifetime access. The beauty of this online program is that you can watch it back time and time again and do the whole program over and over again.
  • What does this program cost?
    The one-time payment cost of the program is $249. All prices are listed in USD.
  • Can I get a refund? What if I change my mind after I enrol?
    The 6-Week Clean Eating Mastery Program is for serious students only and I fully believe that if you follow the plan you'll see enormous gains in your health and cooking and nutrition knowledge. With that in mind, I offer a 100% refund within the first 7 days from the purchase date (no exceptions). If you are unsure if this program is for you, please feel free to send me all your questions via e-mail.

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